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Mobile Beauty Service

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Hours of Operation:
7 Days a Week 10 a.m.–8 p.m.




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Makeup & Hair Trial

Pre-Wedding Consultation



   The Pre-wedding Consultation / Makeup Trial is done at the location of your choice,months ahead of the wedding, to pick your wedding day look, determining skin tone, shading and choosing foundation and just to be sure, you will be happy with the end result of your Bridal Makeover.

It is essential that a pre-wedding consultation is arranged prior to your wedding day. This is an ideal opportunity for you and your bridesmaids/Mother to learn more about your skin and the products available for your skin types. By understanding your skin type, you are half way to a glowing healthy complexion.

Flowers, colour theme, dress, bridesmaids and the overall style and theme of the wedding will be discussed in order to create a make-up look which will define and refine your features as well as enhancing your natural beauty. Following this your make-up will be applied. When you are 100% satisfied with the look created, all the products used will be recorded ready for the Big Day.

Balance and simplicity is the key to a beautiful make-up. The make-up brands that I use are especially suitable for photographic work and therefore have maximum staying power and will minimise shine, while still giving a very natural look.

The pre-wedding consultation usually lasts between one and two hours and all my clients find it to be a very enjoyable part of the pre-marital pampering.

Bridal Make-up and Hair Trial

With your initial practice run-through, you will have plenty of time to decide on the colours and techniques that you want on the day. This is the opportunity to answer all the questions you may have.

We strongly recommend you to book your wedding hair and make up trial as soon as possible, as our services are very popular and we get booked up quickly.  Trials are not compulsory, but advisable, as they allow the make-up artist / hair stylist to be prepared and have all the necessary equipment with her on your wedding day and also to work with you to find the most flattering look for you.

A trial also allows you to see what you will look like on your wedding day. We would also advise you to take a photograph of yourself after you have had your wedding make-up and hairstyling trial, to see what your style will look like on your wedding photographs.

The bridal hair and make-up trial run is not included on the price for the wedding day, it is charged separately and there is no obligation to book for your wedding day after your trial.  We don't need to make our customers book everything in advance to secure a wedding day booking as we are 100% confident you will be delighted with your make up and hair trial and will want to book our artist for your wedding day

During The Trial

If you have prepared for the trial you have little to worry about. Now is your chance to clearly express to the artist what you are dreaming of. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth trial.

  • Give the artist a good idea of what you are looking for. The more information you can give the artist, the better she can make you look. 

  • Show the artist your wedding outfit so makeup colors can be blended well

  • Give the artist an idea of your wedding day hairstyle in case that will influence your makeup.

  • Take pictures at the end of the trial. You may think everything is perfect when you walk away but looking at pictures later will help you figure out if you want to make any changes. 

  • Ask about fees in advance and bring the money along, as well as enough for a tip if needed.

If you’ve done everything above to prepare for the trial, now is the time to sit back and be pampered. Examine your face thoroughly and don’t forget to take pictures. If you are not satisfied with the result, ask if the artist can try something different or if you will have to schedule another trial.

Bring Photos

You know what you want to look like, but even more so, you know what you do not want to look like on your wedding day. When meeting with your makeup artist for the first time, bring photos and inspiration pictures. Take with you clippings from magazines, but also bring along a photo of yourself that you really like. Bring photos and clippings that show makeup you do not like.

Photos are important because they communicate in a way our words cannot. Everyone perceives color and texture differently. A photo will show the artist what you perceive and vice versa. If “earth tones” to you means soft browns and warm coppers, a photo will help clarify that you don't mean “parrot blue” or “moss green”. Photos eliminate guesswork, and that means eliminating room for errors, as well.


Speak Your Mind


While your wedding makeup artist is the professional and they will guide you to making the right decisions, they are also there to service you. If the end result of a look is something you are not comfortable with, let the artist know. Makeup washes off and is easily fixed. The makeup artist wants you to be happy on your wedding day, and will not be offended if you speak up. Communication is a two-way street, so do your part to let them know what it is you like and what it is you would like changed.


After The Trial(s)


Once you have had a few trials (or for the few lucky brides, the one trial), it’s time to make your decision. Choose the artist you felt most comfortable with and who you believe best understood what you wanted. You should trust the artist to do everything to make your wedding day look beautiful. Also compare prices to find something that best suits your budget.

If you can arrange for a hair trial on the same day it will give you a good idea of your overall wedding day look. Now that you're all dolled up, make the most of it and go out with the girls or your fiance. You have just completed one more of your wedding tasks!

The Wedding Day        

A Main Stream Beauty stylist arrives on time and on location with a full selection of makeup and professional styling tools for you and your wedding party.

This specialized service allows you to get ready at home, at the hotel, the ceremony site or anywhere you choose. Having your hair and makeup done on site rather than at a salon minimizes stress and allows you and your wedding party the time to sit back, relax and have fun.

The bridesmaids' and mother of the bride's make-up is usually applied first, which will take approximately 30 minutes each. Once the bridal hair has been styled then the bridal make-up will begin.  Your bridesmaids and mothers are also having their hair and makeup done, Man Stream Beauty will send additional stylists to expedite the process and ensure everyone in your wedding party is ready on time and looking fabulous.

Hair Styling


As the morning of the wedding can often be a race against time, why not make it completely hassle-free and have a hairdresser come to you. After working in the industry for 10 years I know all too well how fast the morning of your wedding can pass and consider it essential to have an experienced wedding hairdresser on site.

I work with a small network of highly skilled hairdressers with an extensive background in bridal hair styling. A hair-styling trial is also recommended, which can be arranged on the same day as the pre-wedding make-up consultation.